Can't delete bootex.log file in Free Space


I realise that this probably isn't anything to actually do with the Eraser program, but I was wondering if anyone has had this problem (if it is a problem) and has a solution.

The bootex.log file is created (at the volume root) when a chkdsk is run. The file logs the outcome and the information is then subsequently copied to Event Viewer (winlogon). The file bootex.log is then deleted automatically. In the past a wipe of free space would then wipe this file along with everything else that was in free space.

However, last week I did a reinstallation of the O/S and then the usual defrag and chkdsk. This bootex.log file is now resident in free space. No amount of running Eraser will delete it. Using a restore program, it is easily recoverable. The date of modification that this file shows does actually alter if I run a further chkdsk - suggesting it is acting as an active file. It is however only resident in the free space, not in the Windows directories (as it should be, the file should always delete once created and copied to the Event Viewer).

Does anyone have any suggestion how to actually delete it? Prior to this reinstallation it never remained after running Eraser (and this is after 2 previous reintsallations, each one was a clean install, format etc using DBAN and my WXP CD). Is it even a problem? The file itself contains nothing that could pose a security threat if recovered but I'm wondering why I can't delete it from Free Space as I could before.

Thanks in advance.