Can't erase files on SmartDisk Ext HD!


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I thought I would use Eraser to securely erase the unneeded files on my SmartDisk 80GB External HD, after all, it does a great job on my local drive. When I use the right click Windows Explorer context menu to delete a file, the file remains in Explorer, and a popup message says "Task Executed The task ... has completed with errors." Refreshing the view doesn't help. Simply deleting the files within Explorer works fine. But Eraser doesn't appear to do anything. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, I'm using Windows 7 OS with version 6.0.8 of eraser. Thank you.
Please read the FAQ post "Getting to know Eraser 6"; you can link to the FAQ from my signature block. This tells you how to read the task log. If (as I think is most likely) the error message says that you don't have permission to erase some or all files, run Eraser as Administrator (the post also tells you how to do this), and try the task again. If that is not the issue, please report the error.

For erasing files (as opposed to free space), you will most often not need to run Eraser as Administrator; it's dependent on what permissions the files have. Those still making the transition from XP often find the newer, more restrictive, security model confusing; even if your account has administrative privileges, it will not run with those privileges by default. Some people recommend disabling UAC, but I don't find that doing so makes life that much easier.