Cant erase free space


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Im running Windows 7 and i'm trying to clean the free disk space, but it only just gives me that "finished with errors" message after barley a second.

Looking at the log, its telling me that the program lacks the rights to go through with this, but it should have them.
Ive started eraser as admin so it should work, but it doesnt... so yeah, is there anything i can do to make it work?

(And yes, I tried to skip through some of the faqs, but they didnt seem to help me much)
Go back to the FAQs. With a program like Eraser (it's your data you are erasing), you need to do a bit more than skipping ... :)

At the top of the FAQ list (link below), there is a topic on getting to know Eraser 6. Follow the guidance in the section about running Eraser as Administrator. Most often, the problem is that the existing process has not been stopped; in that case the program will not run elevated, even though you tell it to.