Can't erase on external seagate


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Have used Eraser without problems for years. This weekend I put together a new system and jumped from 32 bit xp to 64 bit win7. I downloaded the latest Eraser (5.8.7) and since then I can't erase anything (access is denied) on my external NTFS HD. Doesn't matter what type of file it is. None of them have anything in common, beyond being on the same HD. Eraser works perfectly on my internal drives. Have run as administrator but to no avail. I found an old thread that mentioned this was an issue but wondered if there was any kind of workaround.

Running as an administrator should help. Otherwise, check that the external drive allows you access -- create a folder on the drive and delete it. Check for administrator prompts that appear -- if so then chances are you need to reassign ACL permissions on the external drive before running an erasure. This is a very common occurrence when upgrading from XP, however I've never come across any that running as an administrator won't help or resolve (hence your case is a little unusual.)