Can't find Temporary Internet Files and Cookies


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Before downloading the latest Internet Explorer 7, I was able to easily find my Temporary Internet Files and Cookies folders by going through the "Search" function or right-clicking on the "Start" button and then clicking on "Explore". Now, I can only find these folders by opening Internet Explorer, clicking on Tools, Internet Options and then under Browsing History I click on Settings. But, whenever I right click on this folder with all my Temporary Internet Files in it, there is no option to Erase--only the option to Delete. Where am I going wrong? Any suggestions?
Chelsi - Hi and welcome to the forum.

Not being a user of the latest iteration of IE, about all I can suggest is to use IE's own included mechanisms (whatever they are) for "deleting" cookies and temp files and then just run Eraser free-space wipes to actually get rid of the info permanently.

The latest version of CCleaner also should handle the new 7's junk, prior to an Eraser free-space run. Pete