Can't Get Eraser to Erase


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I'm trying to erase everything on this drive. It was my main C: drive before being replaced. Because I had seen Eraser fail to erase in the past I decided to do a test. I told it to erase a folder named Windows.old. It worked on it for about 5 minutes, drive light flashing the entire time. As you can see from the screen capture below this folder has 23GB of data. I don't see how it could finish in that time, and as you can see, it didn't. I'm showing this folder as an example but none of the folders and none of the data in Windows.old were erased.

How do I get eraser to erase the data on this drive I want to sell?


NOTE: The drive is in an external USB docking device that works for everything else I use it for. Formating drives, deleting files or folders, backing up my main internal drives, etc.
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The actual issue is that you are trying to erase directories locked by the OS. Probably DLL's in use in that directory.
To wipe the C drive you really need to boot up with something like DBAN and wipe at the OS level.