Can't install Eraser..


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Hello everyone,

After formating my computer I installed XP SP3. Then I downloaded all programes I had before, including Eraser. I downloaded the latest stable version. However, I can't install it because i get an error:
Microsoft Visual c++ Runtime 8.0 Service Pack 1 Could not be installed. Please use windows update to manually install this update on your system. Eraser setup cannot continue.

So, I went to download - Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)

This didn't fix the problem. So then I let my computer to automatically download all updates, which it did (Except a few updates, like one for IE8). Still, problem isn't solved.

So what should I do, because Eraser is a really valuable tool without which I can't operate..

Thanks :mrgreen:
It should install. If it doesn't try 5.8.7 beta5 (see the updates forum.)

You're welcome.