Can't load ERASER


New Member
I loveed using ERASER on my previous PC but several attempts to download it to my new PC (XP)
yields ERASER in Programs, no logo in tray, no option in desktop options menu.
I am used to right-clicking on a file, having the menu display Erase....but, as I said, I have nothing.

I have a similar problem with an earlier download of ERASER to my PC laptop (XP)...
the logo is in the tray but I don't have the option menu there either.
Can you help?
Thank you
AlexIn Eburg
After downloading, does the installation complete successfully?
Seems to..I get message screens that say it has and it loaded the Framework 3.5 SP1 to my programs list...maybe I should try loading an earlier version, rather than the latest build. Suggestions?
Is there an entry for Eraser in Control Panel|Programs and Features. If there is, does Eraser uninstall?

David...problem solved...I was just RUNning the download...saving the download to a file and then running it
loaded it successfully...thank yo for your!
Oh, the joy of the simple solution ... :)