Can't run 'free space' wipe


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Hello, I've just downloaded Eraser to make sure everything I have deleted has completely gone.
When selecting 'unused space' on the c drive, Eraser won't run.
I have read other postings here and have run Eraser as Administrator by right clicking on the icon etc, with no success.
In the 'task log' it says 'does not have permission'.
I cannot think of anything else to try. I'm running Vista.

Thanks. Mike.
The most important step, highlighted here, is to exit all running instances of Eraser, including the one in the system notification area, because running another as an administrator.
Thanks Joel, I don't know how to stop one running in 'the system notification area' or 'system tray'.

I am not good with computers, I am looking into how to do that, I have read all the other articles.

Thanks for the help.

There's an Eraser icon in the system notification area (bottom right corner of your screen), right-click that, select Exit Eraser.
Thanks again Joel, It now seems to be running.

I'm using Pseudorandom 1 pass on a 120GB hard drive with 30GB free space being 'wiped'.
It seems to be taking a long time, I have no idea roughly how long it might take.

Thanks Mike.
The process took just over 4 hours with all options set to pseudorandom 1 pass, inc. cluster tips removal.

It said completed with errors at the end though.

Is this pseudorandom enough or are other settings worth while - I wonder?

Thanks to all. Mike
Seems normal to me -- if the errors just describe files where the cluster tip can't be erased, then it should be fine.