can't run on drive != C:, installer errors 64-bit OS


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1. I am running Win7 64-bit. Installer creates shortcut to C:\Program Files (x86)\Eraser\Eraser.exe -- it should be C:\Program Files\Eraser\Eraser.exe.

2. I can't run Eraser on a drive other than C:. My D: E: F: local drives all immediately return an error in the Task Log saying it doesn't have Admin rights. I changed the Eraser shortcut to always run as Admin, and have also tried right-clicking on Eraser.exe and selecting Run as Admin with no success.

I am running Eraser
I'll leave Joel to comment on your installation problem, which is odd. Did you by any chance install Eraser 6 over Eraser 5.x?

You need to exit Eraser completely before trying to run it as Administrator (that applies at all times, because the running process, which does not have Admin. rights, is initiated on startup). Details are in the Getting to Know Eraser 6 topic in the FAQ (link below).

I read the FAQ and like a fool didn't exit Eraser in the System Tray before running it from Start Menu. After doing that I was able to run Eraser as Admin and process my other drives.

Installation was done after uninstalling Eraser to be sure it wasn't a version upgrade issue. The problem persisted no matter what I did.
When you downloaded the Eraser.exe setup file, did you check if the setup file was running in a compatibility mode? The Eraser.exe setup file will check your system and pick the correct architecture to install.

If this is not picked correctly, you will get a situation where the binary is installed and run as 64-bit, but the dependent native DLLs are 32-bit, which cannot be loaded. This prevents erasures from continuing. Let's resolve the first problem before we try to resolve the other.