can't see eraser on my system

steve jones

New Member
downloaded eraser but cannot see any way of starting it on my system all I have is the toolbar which I really do not want. What's happening?
I finally came to the conclusion that I had not downloaded eraser at all, just the so-called productivity aid which consists of a toolbar. I got rid of that but am not confident that the eraser tool will work. There are so many versions, all of which seem to be plagued by some form of bug or development issue. I have not the knowledge to troubleshoot, and don't want to damage my system overall. Is there a single bullet proofed version, albeit very basic, which I can download with confidence?
I am at a loss to understand the place the designers want for this product in the world. Nobody reviews these posts. If the worldwide take up is so small the publisher should do it.

I share your problem, and this is four years after your post. I shall not be coming back and I have no faith in the product if nearly all the other bugs i see in these threads are answered by users, and none bear the stamp of the truly knowledgeable. It's back to CCleaner for me, in spite of the stuff it adds to your PC without asking.