Can't see Youtube Videos


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I installed Eraser a few hours ago. I didn't uninstall the previous version, I assumed it would do that during the installation. When it finished, i clicked "finish" on the installer. Then i lost all the icons on my desktop. I only saw the background image. In my impatience, I pressed the on/off button to manually shut down the computer. When I restarted it, the desktop was ok.

However, now I can't see Youtube videos. All I get is a black box where the video should be- on eveery browser (IE and Google Chrome). I tried uninstalling an reinstalling flash player. Nothing. Help!
How Eraser as such could do this I cannot possibly imagine. The Windows Installer or .NET maybe, but even that seems a bit far-fetched.

If System Restore is on, you should have a Restore point for the Eraser installation. I would try reverting to that. If not, please tell us which Windows version you are using. We'll go from there.