Can't select Folders or Files



I am using Windows XP Pro and Eraser Version 5.7. When trying to select folders or files to erase the program seems to go into a loop. I cannot select anything below the drive level. XP's Task Manager shows Eraser to be running and is using between 15 & 25 percent of the CPU. I can erase free space without any problem. Really would appreciate any help. I have looked through your FAQ's and found the following which I have tried but without success.

YOUR FAQ - "I'm using Eraser on XP and when I right-click on a file or folder, the hour-glass cursor comes up and the computer freezes.
We are looking into this issue but in the meantime you can resolve it by doing the following trying either or both of the following:
Go to Edit->Preferences->General
Turn 'Enable Background (slow) Entropy Polling' off i.e. do not put a tick in this field.

Manually remove the Eraser shell extension registry entries.
Also, if you have Norton Utilities installed, there could be a conflict with that. We suggest you uninstall Norton Utilities/Eraser and re-install the app. without the clean-sweep component."