Carbonite online backup sees files as changed after Eraser


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I use the online backup service, Carbonite. After erasing unused hard drive space, the service somehow ends up thinking that a lot of my files have changed, when, in fact, they haven't. Carbonite works a lot like an anti-virus in that it detects changes to the file system and automatically backs up files with no user intervention. Is there a way to configure Eraser to avoid this situation? Re-backing up many GB of data every time I run Eraser is a pain.
Hi bergdev :)

I believe the Carbonite software is at fault here. I think it “see’s” data being written and thinks it need to back that up. It would appear their software doesn’t seem sophisticated enough to realise that what is being written is then immediately deleted.

I am not quite sure what your need for Eraser is. If everything you do is being automatically backed up to a third party then wiping the free space on your hard drive is the least of your privacy worries.
If you insist on doing a free space wipe then go disable the erasure of cluster tips (Erasing preferences)