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I have a stack of CD-RW's I used as back-ups (using Veritas back-up software). I read the FAQ about using Eraser to erase the CD-RW's (and needing just 1 pass). But every time I try to erase the CD I get a "access denied" error and the CD has not been erased.

Any ideas how to proceed? Or do I need different erasing software?

Any help would be appreciated as I really want to securely delete the info on the CD's. I do see and option to erase the CD using some "CD Writing Wizard" program that I assume came with Windows XP Home. I tried it and it did work, but not sure how secure the erase was.

`Fraid Eraser is only suitable for erasing data from magnetic media ole buddy.Suggest you write anything needed from the old CD-RWs, to new media, and burn the old ones!

The FAQ say's it CAN erase CD-RW's. I am trying to figure out why it is not doing what its own FAQ says it can.

Think this has come up before! FAQ needs a rewrite maybe? Can`t see how you can overwrite data burned onto a plastic disk with Eraser-maybe they can explain!
I am hoping they can - which is why I posted here. Or as you say maybe their FAQ needs a bit of work.

Guess no one from Support ever stops by to check on posts. Not a good sign of support if one was thinking of buying one of their products.