Check for Updates not showing 6.08


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I am running eraser 6.07 on XP SP3 all patched.

I recently built a win 7 machine and used the About / Check for Updates on the XP machine as a convenient way to see if a newer version was available. The response back is that there is no update when of course there is.

As I am not up to date, I don't know if this is a bug that has been fixed (although I didn't see anything like it in the tracker). I have been using eraser for quite some time but never entered an issue and just now registered for the forum so I guess I'm asking for guidance as whether this is a known issue, whether to submit it etc.

So far as I am aware, this has never been reported before, so thank you for doing so. As I have upgraded, this is not an issue I can check.

There are issues with the Heidi server, so I am not sure whether that is where the problem lies, or whether there is a bug in the program. So this is really one for Joel.

Sorry. This is one which looks as though it may only be fixed when Joel has time, and that, unfortunately, is not within his control. It is, of course, easy to access the Eraser downloads page.

Fine by me. He couldn't fix it at all unless he knows about it. If someone does have time though it might be useful to post what is wrong. By that I mean that perhaps changes in the third level don't show or whatever the case is. That users would know if they need to check online or whether they can use the erase check if they don't need the latest / greatest.
Ran in to a related problem on a different machine. This one has I am trying to install That won't install. It quits stating that a newer version is already on the machine. As is the newest stable version (all I install), that couldn't be true. I double checked the actual setup exe properties and the file version property has

I didn't really need to update so I'll leave 6.07 on this machine for awhile in case someone would like me to do something with this environment. If I really wanted 6.08 I assume I could uninstall and re-install.

6.0.8. fixes a number of bugs, so should be installed if possible. The workaround for this problem (which I think results from a rather odd bug in a software library) is to uninstall 6.0.7 completely before attempting to install 6.0.8. And the problem is not really related to the issue reported by the OP, which appears to be a server problem.

Apologies, it was my oversight, I didn't update the Eraser server. That's been fixed now.