check wiping?



my friend was telling me that a good idea for eraser would be to have a "check wipe" feature. What would this do, I dont understand.
You can, at present, check if Eraser has done it's job by looking at the Log file. Click on 'File' on the top menu and select 'View Log'.
I think what guest is refering to is a way to check that the file has been securely erased, not just what a log file tells you.
Exactly, I wonder the same thing... I would like to really check that the erased files are irretrievable. What's the best file recover program out there? I would like to try a recover... and just then i will be able to rest in peace... muehehe (satanic laugh)

Thanks in advance folks, sites like this one makes life reborn ;)

Best recovery software? EnCase... Although that is usually offlimits for average users, but you can get it off kazaa and such. It is used by law enforcement agencies in crimes and businesses checking up on their employees for the most part.

If you do find EnCase you will see that Erase defeats it with even 1 pass of random data.

There are other programs you can find, such as R-Studio. Search for it. It's as good as EnCase when it comes to recovering 'deleted' files.

If Eraser says it's overwriting then it is. It's not deceiving you.
You better bet your buckets if it says its erasing its in whatever throttle mode you set it to. :lol:
Thanks for the info, it's pacifying to have full confidence that the data is absolutly irrecoverable. I am trying eraser in random data overwriting.
Don't use anything other than Random Overwrites. Remember that.