Clarification Please



As I understand the interactive mode, I can choose which wipe method to use and how many rounds.

Are rounds the same as passes? I imagine they are, but just wanted to clarify.

I thought I read some where that the quick method defaults to 3 passes, but when I run the quick method from the boot prompt it only does 1 pass.

If I were to choose Quick with 3 rounds would that be enough for computers with relatively insensitive data?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A method consists of a number of passes. The number of rounds is the number of times that the method is repeated.

Hence (total number of passes) = (passes)*(rounds).

The quick method runs only one pass. The rounds option in the dban-1.0.3 release is not honored by the quick method.

The Short DoD method runs three passes, which is different than the quick method.