Cleaning Drive


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I would like to clean a drive on a laptop running 64b Vista. The drive is partitioned with the System Recovery file (restores original software) on the D partition.

I have run Eraser 6 (latest release) on C drive but am concerned because I get messages that cluster tips of files in use and system files are not erased. I have run System Recovery and then re-installed Eraser and run it again. Do you think this is an adequate wipe of the disk? I want to be careful because I had all of my financial info on the drive and I am turning over the laptop to a group that is very tech savvy. Is there anything else I should do to be certain. I have installed Recuva and searched for old file names and cannot find any.


By most standards you've done the works, but if you're more paranoid, you can always DBAN the drive.