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Hey guys, I have been using Eraser for 1 year and I noticed that recovery applications can still see the file names of my erased files.
Even if they cannot recover the file content, that's a bad idea to leave a trace of it inside our HD.
I'm not an expert on this, but using a drive hex editor (Winhex, Hex workshop etc..) I could see my deleted files names just doing a simple search for them.
Is possible to implement a feature that clears the file names of our erased files in a future version?
Yes, I would cetrainly want to see this too!!

Right now, simple programs like disk investigator can find all your filenames that have been on you pc ever since you got it and I want the solution to erase all that. Just a solution pls :)
Eraser most certainly clears the file name of deleted files from my experience.

It is possible that you are viewing related files with the same name. For example; if you download an email attachment or a torrent, the computer generates a temporary file first (usually with the same name). this temp file helps construct the downloading file properly.

When the download is done your computer will automatically delete these temp files (in an insecure way).

But you should not be downloading sensitive data through the internet anyway, EVER.
Since any 14yr old shmuk with some computer savvy could intercept your data and create a copy of if.
WinHex is finding file system log entries in non-deleted files. The issue is not to get Eraser to remove these (the OS will probably make sure that it can't), but how to find and clear these logs. I'm having some problems with that. If anyone can advise, I'd be grateful.

Disabling the USN journal and disabling Shadow Copies?
Joel said:
Disabling the USN journal and disabling Shadow Copies?
Shadow copies, certainly. The USN journal looks, from my researches, to be a bit of a pain to disable in Windows 7, as it seems to be 'per user'. How much sensitive data gets into the journal is also an interesting question.

AFAIK, the journal is a file system feature: it is to allow rolling back of changes when they are made in the event of system crashes etc. It should therefore not be a per-user feature.