Clearing pagefile on shutdown


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when u check the option to clear the pagefile on shutdown, is the pagefile just deleted or is it erased, if its erased what pattern is used?
Erase on shutdown

Erase on shutdown just wipes the swapfile with 1 pass of zero. This is a feature of windows and not actually part of eraser.

Is it possable to schedule to overwrite pagefile with the scheduler. Disable the pagefile then overwrite?
Overwriting the page file, even with all zeros, will make it unrecoverable unless someone takes a magnetic force microscope to the drive.

If it still worries you, a better option (if you don't have enough system memory to eliminate the page file) is to encrypt the file.

There are a couple of options here. One is CryptoSwap Guerilla. Another is to figure out how Truecrypt 4.2 (new version) can store page files on encrypted containers.
I don't understand why everyone seems to not ever want to have to re-start their computer to accomplish something.

Both swap/page files and index.dat's deleted need a re-start if you're going to be sure of them actually all getting nailed so that Eraser can eliminate them securely. Pete
The page file can't be Erased other than at boot (its in use), so you would have to delete pagefile.sys or overwrite it at boot. BTW If you set the size manually, the rule of thumb is 2 times ram in KB, but M$ says 1 1/2 times in KB