clearing windows page file


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i need to reinstall my Win XP PC.

I hade an older ERASER installation befor reinstalling and want to keep this programm. So i downloaded now Ver 6.0.7 and reinstalled it.
Now im missing an feature to clear the page file. I remember there was an option in my earlier used version to clear page file on windows shut down. I was really happy about this option. It works for me without any problems for years.

Was this removed in later versions of Eraser or i am to blind to find it again ? ;)

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There was a discussion on this earlier, and the decision to remove it was because the system setting involved here was set by group policy and when Administrators deploy a group policy we do not want Eraser to interfere. In any case, the feature is implemented by Windows, not Eraser, and Eraser merely provided a means to easily access the setting.

Having said that, if you still wish to activate the feature, you can follow the steps in