"Cluster Tip Area" option goes pseudorandomly on / off...?


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First, I think Eraser is just reeealy awesome!!
Thank you very, very much for your work on this tool, and for giving it away for free!

When I go to the "Files" tab
(either by the menus in the program; Edit -> Preferences -> Erasing
or by right-clicking a file / folder, selecting Erase, then clicking Options...)
- the "Erase with:" method is always set to "Pseudorandom Data" and the "Cluster Tip Area" option is always ON.

However, if I select the other methods, one by one, the "Cluster Tip Area" option will after some clicks be turned OFF.
At first, I thought that some methods were (by default) _supposed_ to be run with the "Cluster Tip Area" option OFF,
but after some experimenting, it seems this checkbox really go on / off by random..
..or rather by pseudorandom! :lol:
I mean, if you do the same sequence several times,
it will always go on / off in the same sequence.

It's not a big deal to manually click the "Cluster Tip Area" option back on,
but I just wondered why it was acting like this. It really is some kind of bug, right?

BTW, I am using Eraser 5.8.6a (x86)
on Windows XP Pro SP3 (x86).
I believe I fixed this in 5.8.7. Try the beta and let me know if it is fixed.