Cluster tips don't seem to delete?


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HI, I've only just started using this. I chose 1 partition to test the unused diskspace delete on, one that i knew previously had 1000's of dll's and other very small files. I used the default 1 pass setting with delete unused diskspace cluster tips turned on (it sometimes turns off due to a known bug) . It found and deleted thousands of cluster tips and then overwrite once. Anyway I noticed the cluster tip stuff took all the time, and the actual overwriting was quite short, so I decided to it again but with a 7 times overwrite.

Strange thing is Eraser finds thousands of cluster tips again. The same cluster tips that were there before I assume as I know some of the program files it was displaying I had deleted years ago, and definitely weren't' reintroduced after the first Eraser run.

So my question. If it deleted the cluster tips the first time, why is it finding and deleting them again? At this point. i'm assuming it will continue refind the same cluster tips every time I run it, even though it says it's deleting them.

i'm using windows xp 32bit with Eraser V5.85

So what's going on there?

Cluster tips are never deleted - they fill up again every time the file is changed. Eraser doesn't know when a file has changed, so it will erase the cluster tips again for every file it finds for every time the unused space erase is executed.

Sorry, I don't really undestand the answer to this question. I've had the same problem - despite overwriting unused space several times, I notice the names of old files flashing up when it is supposed to be erasing cluster tips. I thought Eraser was supposed to leave no traces?
Cluster tips belong to every file and unless the file is deleted the cluster tips will always be there. Cluster tip erasure does not amount to file erasure so every time the clustertip erasure is executed the cluster tips will be erased.