Command-line Arguments?


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In the installed "Help", it states that the help for command-line arguments is "in work" (or similar). I searched this forum for "Command-line", and came up empty. Is there any kind of list available? I'm hesitant to use simply "Eraser /d:\" to erase free space... ;-)

It seems to me that years ago, Eraser was only command-line, but the memory is vague.

Thanks for the great product!

If memory serves, there's a experimental (in other words, caveat emptor) CLI which you can get from running "eraser help".

It's convoluted, but it should work.
Hi Joel, Hi heidi eraser dev team,

first of all, thanks a lot for this fantastic piece of software !

We are using hundreds of PC in my company. We want to use Heidi Eraser to securely remove all traces of erased data on all drives of our machines. Using such a tool from command line is simply a mandatory feature (to easily mass deploy and schedule the feature).
Like Klopper, i stumbled upon section Using the Eraser Command Line [TBD] of the manual (excellent manual btw). After a bit of googling i ended up here where the indication of command "help" is buried.
I can understand the command-line "API" is still under construction (even if it's been like that for about 2 years :)). That being, said, given the excellency of the tool, it is just too bad to bury the help command nowhere in the forum. I kindly suggest two corrections

1) in case the command line arguments do not make sense, offer the user the available commands
instead of
$ /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Eraser/Eraser.exe --help
Unknown action: --help
why not

$ /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Eraser/Eraser.exe --help
Unknown action: --help
Use 'Eraser.exe help' to list available commands

2) add the following in the documentation


Using the Eraser Command Line
The API is still subject to change between revisions (in other words : be careful with upgrades). However, most GUI operations (such as adding tasks mostly) can be done through the command-line interface.
To display the latest command line interface, simply call eraser help. As of v6.0.10, the API is as follows

(c) 2008 The Eraser Project
Eraser is Open-Source Software: see for details.

usage: Eraser <action> <arguments>
where action is
    help                    Show this help message.
    addtask                 Adds tasks to the current task list.
    querymethods            Lists all registered Erasure methods.

global parameters:
    --quiet, -q             Do not create a Console window to display progress.

parameters for help:
    eraser help

    no parameters to set.

parameters for addtask:
    eraser addtask [--method=<methodGUID>] [--schedule=(now|manually|restart)] (--recycled | --unused=<volume> | --dir=<directory> | --file=<file>)[...]

    --method, -m            The Erasure method to use.
    --schedule, -s          The schedule the task will follow. The value must
                            be one of:
            now             The task will be queued for immediate execution.
            manually        The task will be created but not queued for execution.
            restart         The task will be queued for execution when the
                            computer is next restarted.
                            This parameter defaults to now.
    --recycled, -r          Erases files and folders in the recycle bin
    --unused, -u            Erases unused space in the volume.
        optional arguments: --unused=<drive>[,clusterTips]
            clusterTips     If specified, the drive's files will have their
                            cluster tips erased.
    --dir, --directory, -d  Erases files and folders in the directory
        optional arguments: --dir=<directory>[,e=excludeMask][,i=includeMask][,delete]
            excludeMask     A wildcard expression for files and folders to
            includeMask     A wildcard expression for files and folders to
                            The include mask is applied before the exclude
            delete          Deletes the folder at the end of the erasure if
    --file, -f              Erases the specified file

parameters for querymethods:
    eraser querymethods

    no parameters to set.

All arguments are case sensitive.

   Method                                  GUID
U  Gutmann                                 1407fc4e-feff-4375-b4fb-d7efbb7e9922
U  US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306./E, C & E)      d1583631-702e-4dbf-a0e9-c35dba481702
U  RCMP TSSIT OPS-II                       f335cc40-5de5-4733-90b1-6957b4a45688
U  Schneier 7 pass                         b1bfab4a-31d3-43a5-914c-e9892c78afd8
U  German VSITR                            607632b2-651b-4935-883a-bdaa74febb54
U  US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306./E)             ecbf4998-0b4f-445c-9a06-23627659e419
U  British HMG IS5 (Enhanced)              45671da4-9401-46e4-9c0d-89b94e89c8b5
U  US Air Force 5020                       7bf5b185-8ea5-4e12-83f1-f6c2efb3d2c2
U  US Army AR380-19                        0fe620ea-8055-4861-b5bb-bd8bdc3fd4ac
U  Russian GOST P50739-95                  92681583-f484-415f-a66c-cc210222edc5
U  British HMG IS5 (Baseline)              9acdbd78-0406-4116-87e5-263e5e3b2e0d
U  Pseudorandom Data                       bf8ba267-231a-4085-9bf9-204de65a6641
   First/last 16KB Erasure                 0c2e07bf-0207-49a3-ade8-46f9e1499c01
regarding point #2, i figured it would be more helpful to offer a modification to ease the integration process
i also documented silent install/uninstall that boils down to
"Eraser" --quiet
wmic product where "name like 'Eraser%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

for offering a bug fix to Usage help, i suggest ticket #465
but i am not very familiar with the code base, thus i have not tested it
The CLI was never official for 6.0. So I don't want to add things to a released, stable branch.

I'm working on a CLI in 6.2 But Eraser 6.2 is another ambitious project in itself. And it's hard to find resources to maintain both branches.