Command-line erase problem and batch-files...


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Hey everyone... luv the program first of all, but I do have some issues using the command line version of eraser (eraserd.exe). This is for some of you who have a good knowledge of the windows cmd prompt commands.

I am trying to set the eraserd.exe V5.7 (with a windowsXPpro-scheduled batch file) to nuke my temporary internet files located in the following path:

C:\Documents and Settings\(name)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

using the command line: eraserd -folder c:\Docume~1\(name)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files -keepfolder -passes 10

here is my problem: the command line version (eraserd.exe) will not recognize file paths with spaces (like "local settings") and as far as I can see will only take long file paths when condensed to six letters + ~1 at the end (like "documents and settings" = "docume~1", I can get it to erase files in this folder now). How can I set the command line version to erase files in my "local settings" and "temporary internet files" folder? What are the proper commands for accessing the above file path with eraserd.exe?

Any input would be appreciated!

Eraserd.exe is a DOS program, which doesn't support long filenames. I suggest you try eraserl.exe instead, and use quotation marks around the long filenames (e.g. eraserl -file "C:\My Long\File Name.txt").