command line syntax - Can't get it quite right


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start /d "C:\Program Files\Eraser" eraserl -file "C:\Documents and Settings\Mcdougly\AppData\Local\music" *.mp3 -results

Would like to erase every mp3 in this directory and leave the other files alone - - can't get the batch file just right, keeps coming back with
improper command line window
You are using Eraser 5, which, I am afraid, is no longer supported (Eraser 6 does not have an eraserl.exe file, though it does have an evolving Command Line Interface). My knowledge of Eraser 5 is now too rusty for me to be able to help; Joel may know the answer.

Spaces shouldn't appear in the middle of pathnames:
start /d "C:\Program Files\Eraser\eraserl.exe" -file "C:\Documents and Settings\Mcdougly\AppData\Local\music\*.mp3" -results