Command line to erase multiple selected files


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After quite a bit of fiddling about, the following very odd-looking code seems to secure-delete selected files:
Eraser erase /method=(45671da4-9401-46e4-9c0d-89b94e89c8b5) file=({allfilepath$}
To explain: This goes into a Directory Opus button, where the DOpus code {allfilepath$} yields the full paths of all selected files in a space-separated list, and the $ suppresses the command if no files are selected.

The left-hand round bracket is required, and errors occur if the corresponding right-hand round bracket is added!

The only command line documentation that I could find was that given by the DOS output of
Eraser help (but not Eraser /? as I had expected)
and the only thing there about deleting files seems to say that *every* file must be preceded by
which certainly does not cover the code that I stumbled upon, with its single left-hand round bracket.

* What is the recommened code that I should have used to delete all selected files?
* Is there really no full documentation, with examples, of the command line? I want to set up several buttons that my family can use quickly without their having to deal with the Eraser UI, and there are clearly tricks not documented in the DOS output.