Common Eraser Questions - broken links

I have an old laptop with XP SP3 (I have Admin rights) and am using Eraser I am trying to clean blank space on disk prior to disposal. I get a message about “invalid file erasure method was selected” and the default erasure method settings are blank.

I have read all associated posts including “Common Eraser Questions: read this before posting”: (... /common-eraser-questions-read-this-before-posting.6215/), including the section “If you get messages in Eraser telling you that an invalid file erasure method was selected and/or you discover that the default erasure method settings are blank, you probably need to update the Root Certificates on your machine; this should be done automatically in Windows Update, but it has been known to fail. See this thread.”

Unfortunately the link to ..... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6330 is broken. Can you please repost the information about Root Certificates and include a new link to it in your reply.

Also, the link in this section of text “If you want to know how to make safe a computer or drive you are disposing of, this thread provides some guidance.” is also broken.

note - I have removed http and hyperlinks to allow posting.

Many thanks
I suggest 2 options:
1. Use the older eraser - 5.8
2. Burn a DBAN CD and wipe the drive then reinstall XP