Complete Setup???


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I saw this while googling for Eraser setup builds and realized that this is harder that I thought.

I have no idea on which folders to erase and I don't have any idea how to code a batch file. If I did find the folders specified in his setup windows 7 would not give me access (for some).

So, I need help. I like this setup but it is written for XP.


Can someone help me with this kind of setup for Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
I find this a convenient once-every-2 weeks-or-so setup that would run everything at a click.

Thank you. I'm really sorry. I just don't know how to go about it. :D
It isn't clear to me what you actually want to do. If your priority is simply deleting Internet and other system clutter, I would recommend CCleaner, which finds the folders for you (and has an overwriting/erasing option for better security). For erasing particular personal data, or a more 'bespoke' approach than is provided by CCleaner, Eraser is the tool you need.

To discover more about how Eraser works, read the 'Getting to know Eraser 6' FAQ topic, and any other FAQ topics that interest you.

The link you gave refers to Eraser 5.8.8 (though it does not say so), and this is no longer a supported version. Eraser 6 does not (as yet) have a portable version, but you can do pretty much all you need with the normally installed version.