Completed with error...cannot uninstall program


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A long time user of eraser under win XP.

I now installed the latest version under Win 8.1. I tried to erase single files individually. I got "Completed with error". The files are still present, untouched.

The program does not show up in window's list to run programs. I tried to un-install, and again the program does not show up in the list to un-install programs. It does not show up in Revo Uninstaller either.

Since it does not erase any of my files, how can I un-install this program?

I will really miss this program.

Here i am giving simple solution for your problem.. Here i am posting Top 3 Program Uninstaller. that may help you

Revo Uninstaller Pro
Revo is the best Uninstaller software in the market today. It is a powerful tool that helps you to uninstall stubborn programs completely without any traces and makes your computer optimize. Revo comes with advanced and super fast algorithms that analyze the application well.

Wise Program Uninstaller
Wise Program Uninstaller is free uninstalling software available in the market. The software is available in 36 different languages. The software displays the list of the installed softwares based on the usage on the computer. Wise Program Uninstaller removes the software along with the left over Files and Folders and Registry entities.

IObit Uninstaller
IObit is a small and user friendly uninstalling software it allows you to bulk uninstall with one click. IObit displays softwares according to the category based on usage, size, rarely used and amount of disk space occupied etc.

Heera Tagore..

When uninstalling a program, be sure to completely remove it, including its related files, entires, and any system extensions that are associated with it. Otherwise, Eraserr may not
recognize that it has been uninstalled and you may have trouble installing a new version. To sucessfully re-install and use this program, it is a good idea to use a professional uninstaller such as Max Uninstaller, Special Uninstaller and Perfect Uninstaller to thoroughly uninstall it from your PC first.