Completed with errors - - EVERY TIME


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Using Eraser (build August 28, 2016 it says) on a Windows 7 x64 machine.

Every time I run Eraser - no matter if it is one file or an entire disk's free space - it completes with the message "completed with errors".

I just now attempted to erase 5 or 6 folders that contained over 21 gigs of home shot video. (I know it was that much because I checked each and every file for size and added them all up) I checked the disk properties before the eraser and wrote down what windows file explorer said was the used and un-used space on that disk.

After eraser I got the same "completed with errors" message. All of the files are no longer shown in windows explorer BUT the properties for the disk show that I only opened up 10 gigs - - when I KNOW that the files totaled over 21 gigs.

I cannot find a log file to see what errors there were or what files may have not be erased. Is there a log file anywhere? How can I determine what errors are occurring? How can I correct them?

Thanks for any input.