Completed with errors - How I can trust


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I just installed on OS W7 your last version of eraser I have restart (cool start) my pc and each time I am using eraser it says "COMPLETED WITH ERRORS" no specification about this errors or so wathever.... how can I trust eraser is it has really well erased with the right alogoritmes the files which were in my bin

Your answer highly appreciated
There is a log which tells you what the errors were. Right-click on the task in the Eraser task pane and select 'View log'. If a log entry is truncated, double click on it to get the full text.

You don't say what task you were running, but if the message is about not erasing cluster tips you need not worry unless you are particularly paranoid.

it says ... pleny of number and the .lnk could not be erased because the file's permissions prevent access to the file .

it is a simple doc file just created and directly erase (for testing purposes)
This is probably a function of the permissions you attached to the file, almost certainly without knowing it. Windows permissions are a nightmare, because they seem to kick in without rhyme or reason; Windows could really do with something like the logical and transparent (if rather geeky) system used by Linux.

Try running Eraser as administrator. In the top entry of the FAQ (link below), there is a link to instructions on how to do this.