"Completed with errors".....how to remedy?


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Using updated Win7 with no AV running except Windows Defender. Is there any way of really making this erase anything? It doesn't even start to erase a drive and I'm running it in Admin mode. The drive has just been formatted. So obviously nothing is being used on the drive. Now its sitting there empty and STILL Eraser finds its not up to the task. Killdisk had no problem with it so why does Eraser just give up and pout with its "Completed with Errors" lame excuse?

If I did this in Win7's Safe Mode would it probably work?

Also, have you ever thought of fixing the fonts so they display properly when Windows users increase their display size in Control Panel/Display? It spills over. This is like the most basic thing. Its been broken for years! Is anyone awake in this company or have they just given up? The layout is about the most unintuitive imaginable. We are not all geeks. Get someone that thinks like a typical human to guide you in layout. You have a really good concept that is about as poorly implemented as can be.

Problem: Almost all people that are talented in geekdom are poor communicators.
Solution: Partner with good communicators to produce a completed product.

Layout = Communication.

UPDATE: Tried it in Safe Mode and it worked flawlessly. Took about 10-15 minutes to wipe a 30gb SSD with one pass. Hopefully I can figure out how to do it without shutting down everything.
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