Completed with Errors


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Yes, I did some reading (but I reached the million dollar mark on the free consulting thing).
Cluster tips unchecked, i'm admin. latest stable build, Windows 7 basic netbook...
I'll donate $10 bucks if you can just make it work.
Many Thanks!
What does the log say (read the 'getting to know ...' FAQ post if you don't know how to find it)? Eraser 6.0.8 is a bit too ready to list as errors things that cannot be avoided. But in your case, as you were trying to erase unused space (which is where most errors occur), it is just as likely that Eraser wasn't actually running elevated - more details in that same FAQ post.

Many thanks for the reading suggestion.
Can you tell me which build might release me.
I still have $10US burning a hole.
Any currently released build will be OK. You just have to do exactly what it says in the FAQ guidance to get the program to run elevated. If that is not working, please detail the steps you are using, so that we can advise sensibly.

"I pity the poor fool" (Mr. T)

Wow, I thought the thing only cleaned up deleted files .
I just erased 10 years worth of work :oops:
Please tell me exactly what you did. 'Erase unused space' does just that. It doesn't erase files.

The file with the 52 year project was saved:)
"But seriously folks," as I was reading the getting started thread I just opened explorer & eraser windows side by side and started by trying to drag-and-drop my entire MyDocuments folder thinking that eraser would just clean deleted files residue (duh!). I had only used Eraser before when selling computers that I was through using, and apparently I had a meme infection in my head about how the thing worked.
Well, it wouldn't accept the whole MyDocuments so I tried a couple other things and get the red error message then too. Then I try a folder within the bigger category (here, I don't remember what folder it was) and Eraser blipped it away. I thought "Wow, this thing is a lot faster than it used to be". So I tried a bigger folder (duh!) and it started chewing on it. Here's where being in a hurry is a good thing. I canceled that one' because I had to go watch a football game (what's up with GoDaddy?).
Then I realized what I was doing.
Since I had already deleted the files that I had intended to scramble, I should have just been working from the recycle bin?
I couldn't watch the commercials because I am not in GoDaddyLand. Did they play the .CO card?
PS-Anyway, I have Mozy. Do you think that I damaged the files that were being chewed-on when I canceled the operation?
Ah, well. 20/20 hindsight being what it is, all I can do is refer you to the FAQ post on Getting to know Eraser 6, which explains what Eraser does, and how you get it to play nicely for you. The whole philosophy of Eraser is 'when it's gone, it's gone' ...