Compressed files messed up


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From FAQ " If your drive is compressed (with third-party compression software) and you did not turn off the cluster tip erasing, you must recompress the drive to restore the lost space – next time, do not use cluster tip erasing on compressed drives."

Did not know about the compressed file issue before running Unused disc space erasing.
Question is, now that the compressed files of Outlook Express are messed up, how do I Recompress the that space?

Thank you for any help you can give

Thanks Overwriter

They have nothing specific of help either,
Has anyone else had this happen and how did you recompress your Drive and or recapture any data lost?

Thank you
Hi Sho :)

Sho said:
or recapture any data lost?

I am sorry I didn’t realise you had lost data by using Eraser from your first post. If you have overwritten data with Eraser then I am afraid there is no way to recover it.

Are you confusing compressed files with compressed disks ?

To compress a local hard drive go to MyComputer/LocalDisk C/ (right click) /Properties and you will see a check box to compress the disk.

More info here.
OE doesn't compress files IIRC. This "compressed files" thing actually refers t files being compressed at the file system level i.e. by NTFS and setting files as "compressed". It does not affect zip and rar files and the like, or files which are compressed by the application which created the file.