computer crashes afer over writing free space


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Hi, Im new to this program, Ive used it a few times to over write un-used space on my hard drive. All 3 times after the process is finished and I re-boot my system crashes with a blue error screen. Someone help me out to whats going on?
Do you have any programs running on the background? If yes, I suggest you close them all. Especially anti-virus software are known do die painfully when attempting to analyze gigantic files with random data in them. Sometimes they take the operating system down with them.
That seemed to work, no more crashes thanks, If you could help, one more question. Im trying to add all my IE6 temp files and cookies to be erased with the on demand feature. Do I choose Files on Folders or just File below that option? Im on windows XP and need to add those
I believe this has been discussed previously, you might want to search older posts in the forum. Cleaning up after your browser is also discussed in the Eraser help file.