computer erasing

I have 2 old Dell PCs that I want to give to charity. I read about Eraser on Kim Kommando. But those computers don't have internet access. Can I download Eraser onto my new computer, then make a disk to put in my old computers? I don't want to mistakenly erase/overwrite my new computer. Thanks!
Yes, you can download the Eraser install file and copy it on to the old computer to install it without problems. But the version of Eraser you need to use will depend on the OS on the old machine. Please read the 'sticky' FAQ post on Common Eraser problems for information on what to download. Another option is to get the Eraser 5.8.8 portable version, run the executable to unzip the files, copy them to a flash drive, and run Eraser from that on the old machine (if its OS is XP or later).