Confused on progress bars


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I'm new to Eraser and am rather confused about what the different progress bars mean during an Erase.

I wanted to erase a USB 750GB drive and have formatted it so that virtually all space is unused. Eraser is set to write 1 pass of pseudorandom data to unused space.
During the erase task, it showed the top Pass bar at 99% and the bottom Total bar at 48% - and then the task finished very soon after!

Surely a single pass means that both the Pass and Total bars should be the same?
Or have I completely misunderstood the progress bar labels?
There are components to a free space erase that isn't part of the single erase pass. Stuff like cluster tip erasures and MFT/FAT directory cleaning.
Tx for the reply. I understand that there are these other components involved with the task, but what really threw me was that the Total progress bar didn't seem very linear i.e. it finished soon after it had got to 48% (which had already taken quite a few hours).

I also erased a 20Gb drive and the Total bar seemed to reflect reality more. Maybe the Total progress needs some tweaking in terms of gauging the relative progress of all the tasks with respect to larger data sets?

It would also be nice to have the time reported in hours & minutes rather than just minutes.
I do believe that the progress algorithms have been updated in Version 6; have a go at that if you are interested.