Context Menu Item (Right-click) Missing



Using previous Eraser versions provided me with right-click access to Erase individual files. Current version has not implemented this even though this has been enabled through Preferences. Any info appreciated, thanks.
No right-click context menu for Erase heh? Well it is there with v5.7, so who knows what happened with your own individual setup.

A suggestion might be to add the context menu entry yourself manually to the registry. To to this, copy and paste the text below into Notepad, and save it as a registry merge file (*.reg). For instance you could save it as "Erase Right Click.reg" or something similar. Once you do that, just double click on the *.reg file to merge it with the registry, then reboot your PC for it to take effect.

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You could also try turning off Entropy Polling i.e.
1. Edit->Perferences->General
2. Untick the field that relates to Entropy Polling