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There is a DAT file labeled Index in my Cookies folder. What kind of information is in that file?

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Index.dat logs your Internet activity, i.e. places you have visited.

Erasing Index.dat

You can schedule Eraser to erase Index.dat at Reboot. Index.dat can only be erased at Reboot time.
Simply create a new Task for index.dat and schedule it to erase at Reboot.

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I'm having trouble. I schedule Eraser to clean out Index.dat from C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\index.dat, but when I reboot it says, "File not found. Nothing to erase. (C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\index.dat\)"
"File not found. Nothing to erase. (C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\index.dat\)"
What's with the extra slash at the end of the file name? Make sure you gave Eraser the correct file name.
Same problem

I am getting the same error when trying to erase index.dat on reboot.
Use regedit to edit the entry under here

Excuse my newbieness, and I appreciate the help Garrett, but where do I use that? Do I use that as the file name instead of the C:\WINDOWS\etc?

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What Gareth is saying, is use the registry to remove the existing "reboot" command, as it looks as though you have entered index.dat, then put a trailing "\" slash on the end of it.

Once you have removed the reboot command via the registry, select your index.dat again, and make sure there is no trailing slash.

Eraser has a bug, whereby the registry entries for scheduled tasks are not being removed, even though you remove them using the Eraser GUI (interface).

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I guess the bug does not occur all the time. I had this function scheduled and was able to remove it with no further atempts by eraser to perform it on startup. I looked in the registry under the indicated area and it was nolonger listed.