Covering your tracks


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Hello everyone. We all know that once something gets deleted, its not REALLY deleted unless a powerful software deleting utility such as ERASER is used. My question is this......What about when you delete something off of a CD Rom? Where are the tracks left? I dont think they go into the Temporary Internet Files or the Recycle Bin. I am talking about just using the standard delete. Not with a deleting utility.
When its a CD-R, its "read only" you cannot delete nor erase.

If its a CD-RW you can delete it, but as file on a removable
storage item it is not stored in the recycle bin, but stays on
the CD-RW, marked as "free to overwrite". When erased, its
gone for good.
Same for a ZIP-Drive-Disk.
Gusti is correct. CD-ROMs are read-only (created using a special pressing machine), and therefore cannot be erased with a standard CD-R or CD-RW drive. CD-Rs are write-once media, and therefore I do not believe any standard CD-R or CD-RW drive can erase any section of the media that has already accepted data. Feel free to correct me if you feel I am mistaken.

Has anyone had any luck using Eraser with CD-RWs, DVD-RWs, DVD+RWs, or DVD+RAMs?

I doubt it would have any chance of working, as I dont believe it was designed for this... but I thought it would be interesting to hear the results if anyone has tried it!

I have a hunch that there will be a future need for this functionality... especially for the rewritable DVDs with their large capacity. I could also see a similar need for USB Flash Memory drives and smart media cards such as Compact Flash, SecureDigital, and Sony Memory Sticks.