crash after a while


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Background information:
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
300 GB SATA-I Maxtor
Windows XP Pro 2002 SP2

Eraser 5.82

HDD is divided into 2 NTFS partitions:
1 primary (C: of 100,00GB)
1 extended with 1 logical (F: of 179,48 GB)
I try to erase my unused disk space of my C: drive and it crashes always on the same spot

i've put the crashlogs and a screenshot on my webspace

I fixed the problem by removing the option Cluster tip blabla...

However can someone explain me in plain english:
1 what kind of information is stored in the cluster tip
2 how it come it works on my F: and not an my C: drive

(For 2 I gess it got something to do with primary partition on wich XP is running)
Very very impressive error report :)

When eraser freezes during a freespace erase it is due to disk corruption or it being blocked by another application.

Try this to fix any corruption:

First run an backup of the PC


chkdsk Drive: /f , example 'chkdsk c: /f' and reboot

next empty the recycle bin manually.

finally turn off system restore reboot and turn it on again - warning here this will destroy your ability to rollback any installs.

i did some research and i understand the cluster tip thing (if you ppl just called it slack space :p:D)

there are no hard drive errors i, i did the complete checkup so also with /r

i'll keep this topic informed until i've found the problem

perhaps a stupid thought however, doesn't eraser needs to be on a different drive running while erasing?
I did a search on that file/folder with what i saw that was visible
It seems it gets stuck on

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\\SharingMetadata

and inside this folder there is a strange FRX file wich I aint able to view or open with TextPad

However I think it seems to be a file containing info for a share map on MSN Live, I've removed the share map with a friend of mine and I'll see if it will take any effect now
problem solved


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