Crash during Erase


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Please help as I was using v6.2 to Erase unused space (c490Gb) on my old laptop using the DoD 7 pass method. I thought I had my temperamental mains lead plugged in but it obviously wasn't working properly as the machine ran out of juice. When i discovered this the following morning I recovered it but I found that I only had 27Gb of free space so i reran the Erase but there was still only 27Gb at its conclusion.

How can i remove what i suppose are Work Files or restart the erase part way through to recover my 400+ GB?




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Hi David, have you turned off your anti virus? Also, run chkdsk to see if there are any drive issues and delete the temp directory created by eraser.


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Hello Mucas, As part of tidying up the laptop I had run chkdsk and also de-fragged the drive, then I had disconnected from the Internet and disabled anti-virus before running Eraser, which then as I said crashed.
I have just rerun chkdsk and in fact now only have 25.5 GB free!
The Windows>Temp directory contains 11.9Mb
Where might I find any temp directory created by Eraser?
Do you have any other suggestions?