Crash on long path/filename?


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First of all thank you for a nice free program :).

Now to my question. I'm running Eraser v.5.82 on Windows XP Pro. I'm trying to erase unused disk space on my local drives. Whenever it comes to a specific file the application crashes, giving no other info than the typical Microsoft dialog telling me the application has exited with an error (it doesn't specify what error).

The file it complains about has a long path and filename:

"C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXXXXXX\Dokumenter\Battlefield 2142\

It is a 165 character wide path/filename. Now If I move the folder "mods" and downwards to another location higher up the directory tree, no error occurs when running Eraser. Moving the folder back into it's original position generates the error again.

Could it be, that Eraser has trouble handling the long filename/path?

I am sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, I must admit that I haven't used Eraser that much, and to be honest, I haven't read the manual either :?.