Create a bootable CD with eraser?


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Same as title:
it's possible to create a bootable CD with eraser?
If not, ther are any bootable program that format using gutmann method?
PS: sorry for may bad english. I'm italian,
Try DBAN. Eraser never supported this feature (rather, we bundled DBAN, not anymore since they are their own project...)
Is there some reason why Eraser won't work from a BartPE disk?
I can think of a few reasons someone would want to run Eraser this way.
DBAN is useful but not exactly a substitute for Eraser.
I saw the post about .net 3.x
Now I understand why Eraser won't work with BartPE cause there isn't any way to incorporate .net into a PE disk of any kind.
I guess that's the wave of the future. .NET (AKA Microsoft) rules the world.