'create Nuke Boot Disk' is not working. Help!

Tine Chan

New Member
I downloaded Eraser, installed it, and am now trying to make the Nuke Boot Disk. (I have a laptop with no floppy disk drive. It has a CD/DVD drive which is E:. My OS is Windows XP.)
I click on the 'create Nuke Boot Disk' from Explorer and it takes me to the box mentioned in the instructions. 'writing to floppy' is checked as per instructions. I insert a clean CD-R in drive E: and I get 'The current image format is not supported by the disk drive.' and am stuck.
I have three old computers I want to recycle, so I REALLY want this to clean up the hard drives. Would appreciate some help. I have used computers a lot, but need step by step help in ordinary language for something like this. :) Thanks.
trouble burning bootable CD-R

It worked! I was able to sucessfully burn a bootable CD-R, and it is working on the first of the three computers right now. The info in the FAQ section was extremely helpful. Thanks for your help. :D