Creating a Chrome history schedule?


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Hi, I'm new to Eraser--I spent a little bit of time reading the FAQ and the board and couldn't find this so forgive me if this has been asked and answered.

I've noticed Google tends to well, store its history, cache and misc personal info mixed with needed files...I was wanting to add a scheduled task to delete all of the same material ccleaner does.

I rely on Google Sync and was thinking this would be a nice alternative to disabling it

Any help would be appreciated.
Good question. There isn't, I think, any published information relating to using Eraser to remove Chrome clutter. One of the reasons why Firefox is my default browser is that Chrome, like IE, does not allow you much freedom to change where the user data is stored.

You can reasonably easily create an Eraser task to remove Chrome clutter, and CCleaner can actually make the task easier. Use Chrome for a bit without removing the clutter (so that most if not all of the files you want to remove have been created). Then, with Chrome closed, open CCleaner, run an analysis, and switch to the detail view. (You may have to maximise the CCleaner window and/or drag column edges to see the full file paths.) Make a note of everything that Cleaner wants to remove, and then create an Eraser task to erase all those items. Of course, you will want to generalise some entries; you will, for instance, ask Eraser to Erase everything in the cache folder, rather than specifying particular file names (which will change).

Once the Eraser task is saved, you can run it as often as you wish. Having done that, it is worthwhile running the CCleaner analysis once in a while, to ensure that the Eraser task is not missing anything.

The easiest thing is, of course, to use CCleaner's file overwriting capabilities rather than to use Eraser. I prefer not to do this; Eraser offers a better range of options for securely removing files, and it is publicly documented and tested, so that one has much more assurance that it actually works.