creating a dban floppy for multiple partitions


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am running system commander 7, on an athlon system,
and have dos 6.2/win3.1 // fat 32 win98 // win xp {ntfs} all
installed on the same harddrive, each in its own partition

can a single dban disk be made to wiped the entire drive,
or will there be a problem in either the ntfs partition not being wiped, or the others not being wiped.

{have not tried this, but suspect that since the system commander
mbr and partition records are in the 16 bit multifat partition,
that a fat 16 floppy might be able to work in an emergency,
making the xp partition relatively inaccessible,
and then run an ntfs formatted dban floppy afterwards}

but the question is, if it can be done with a single floppy.


DBAN will wipe your entire drive.

The MBR, partition table, all partitions, and your System Commander software will be wiped.

If you wish to wipe only one partition and leave your MBR intact, then try the DBAN beta.