Creating of dll and focus problem


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I have two questions;
I'm using SpeedCommander ( ) and everytime I want to delete something my Comodo Defense+ tells me that SpeedCommander wants to create some random dll/exe after the deleting is finished. See this screenshot ... _337lo.jpg
Is this caused by eraser or by speedcommander?

Second problem - when erasing, the explorer window is locked until erasing is finished, so that I have to open a new one to continue working - isn't it possible to program your software to not locking this window? It's really annoying...

thanks for relpies
Question 1: How are you deleting the file? If you are deleting the file using SpeedCommander then where does Eraser come into the picture? In your screenshot, does the Defence+ dialog come after the unused space erasure is complete?

Question 2: This behaviour has been changed in v6. Just as a case in point, there are people who want the dialog to remain locked like in v5 after I've removed that blocking in v6... so, I guess it's all about opinion.

Hi =)

q1) SpeedCommander is something like the normal windows explorer but more powerfull. I erase files like in the windows explorer via right click -> Erase.
The Defense+ warning comes, when the erase has reached 100% of each file. This also happens for the normal explorer. See here, when deleting several files: ... _513lo.jpg
It's normal in the case of v5. This is the plausible deniablity feature. In v6 it is now made optional.